If you are getting new carpeting for your California home, you might be tempted to save a few bucks by installing it yourself or buying it from a store and then having another company come in to install it. Seems like a good idea, right? But what happens if something goes wrong and the installation job doesn’t go as planned?

This sums up why it’s so important to hire a professional carpet installation team when you have new carpeting put into your home. If you go to a showroom that not only sells the carpeting but also has professionals on hand to install it for you, all the better! If there is a problem with your new carpeting, all you have to do is go back to the showroom that you bought it from and voice your complaint. There is no need to go back and forth between the installer and the manufacturer or the store you bought the carpet from. Whether there’s a problem with the carpeting itself or the way it was installed, you have one central location to go to in order to get the problem fixed. A showroom that offers both carpeting and installation means you will have a tangible location to go to in case there is any issue with the product or the installation service.

Keep in mind that whoever you hire to install the carpet should be fully insured. If anything happens and one of their team members hurts himself or herself on your property, you could be held liable if the company is not insured. Also, while looking for your new carpet and deciding who will install it, make sure you ask about any warranties that are offered on carpeting and the actual installation job, and be sure you get this in writing.

Hiring a professional installation team in California also gives you peace of mind. Sometimes when carpet is installed, unexpected problems can occur. Professional will know how to handle those issues in a quick and efficient manner so not much time is lost during the installation project. Plus, if you are halfway through installing your carpet and have already laid some portions and cut others and encounter a problem you can’t fix, you might have voided your warranty without even realizing it. If you accidentally do a poor job installing the carpeting, there is no way to cover the cost.

Hiring professionals to install your carpeting can save you time, money and hassle in the long run. Make sure your new carpeting looks its best by hiring professionals the next time you get new carpeting for your home

California Carpet Replacment & Install

How Do You Know If Your Carpet is Getting Installed Properly

Prior to the arrival of the carpet installers you should have the room completely cleared of furniture. If you are unable to do this yourself or do not have others to assist you, make sure that you inform the floor covering company of this prior to their arrival so they can make necessary arrangements. Additionally, you will want to make sure that if you have children and/or pets they will stay out of the way so that they do not get hurt as there are a lot of sharp and dangerous tools that will be lying around while your carpet is installed.

Here is a very basic overview of a carpet installation. Obviously there are more detailed steps; after all you are not installing it as this is truly a craft. This article is designed to give you a general understanding and what you can expect.

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First you need to know if you have a glue down carpet or a stretch in carpet. If you have a carpet that needs to be stretched in here are some keys to look for:

  1. The old carpet needs to be removed, debris has to be removed, and the floor must be vacuumed.
  2. Tack-strip should be installed around the entire parameter of the room with the exception of doorways. Basically it is a relatively thin piece of would that has spikes and gets nailed down with the spikes facing the ceiling. The purpose of tack-strip is to make sure that the carpet holds tight after it has been stretched over the tack strip.
  3. Next, the pad is stapled to the floor. Note, if you have a concrete floor than the pad will be glued down or there will be no pad and it will be a direct glue down. The pad should never be installed over the tack-strip.
  4. The installer should then bring in the carpet and roll it out. Make sure that the carpet is going in the proper direction. You would be amazed how many times this gets messed up when you do not have trained professional installers.
  5. Then the installer should prepare for seams. Some rooms will not need a seam while others will. You’ll want to make sure that the installer is being cautious and making straight cuts. In general, the straighter the cut, the easier it will be to seam the carpet as well as blend the seam so it is not noticeable. Note that carpet is commonly manufactured in 12 foot widths. Thus, if you have a room wider than 12 feet you will more than likely need a seam
  6. Seams: As stated, cuts need to be straight, the installer will use seam tape and a seaming iron. Once the carpet is cut straight, the two pieces of carpet need to be seamed together. Seam tape will be placed underneath the carpet where the seam is to be joined, then seam tape will be heated and once the glue become hot enough, the edges of the carpet will be carefully pieced together and then placed into the hot glue. Once the glue is cooled, the carpet will be seamed together permanently. * If you have sculptured carpet be sure that the pattern/design are going in the same direction. There is nothing worse than having carpet going in two different directions.
  7. Once the glue has dried from the seam, or if you do not need a seam, and the padding is down, it is time for the carpet to be stretched over the tack strip. The installer can utilize a power stretcher or can kick it in with a kicker. The carpet should be stretched so that it is a few inches over the tack strip so that it can then be cut to size.
  8. The excess carpet that is over the tack strip should be trimmed so that it is flush with the wall. Be sure that the carpet is attached to the tack strip prior to trimming the excess carpet. Once the carpet is trimmed, the installer should then take the trimmed edges and tuck them in where the wall and the floor meet utilizing a hand tool.
  9. Once the carpet is properly installed, the installers should clean up after themselves, removing all scraps, vacuuming the carpet, hanging any doors that needed to be removed.
  10. If you had the installers move furniture be sure that you are present when they move the furniture back into place. Remember that they install carpet for a living and not move furniture. They may not take the same caution as you would so supervise all furniture moving.

Although this is a very basic description of how carpet is installed, it should help you have a basic comprehension of carpet installation prior to your own carpet installation.

Note: It is very important to have children and pets safely out of the way when your carpet is being installed, as most tools used to install carpets can be hazardous.

California Carpet Installers – If you have additional questions contact your local professional flooring professional. If you are having installed carpet in Manchester NH or the great area stop by our store and we are happy to answer any of your questions. Here in our store installation of carpet Manchester NH is taken with a great deal of pride and is reflected in the finished product in your home.

Average Cost of Carpet Installation In California

Even though carpeting has a wide range of prices, the average homeowner pays between $7 and $12 per square foot($63-$108/square yard), with the average installation size roughly 10-feet by 14-feet for an average cost of $980 to $1,680.

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